Reduce fire risk — and ultimately, the risk to your bottom line — with Hydroserv commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. Powered by cutting-edge methodologies, Hydroserv removes tough grime and dangerous, combustible elements from the exhaust hood, leaving behind a safe and spotless exhaust system.

Work with professionals who will deliver the level of services a commercial kitchen requires. You’re confident all build-up will be removed thoroughly to reduce the risk of fires. Once our team is done, your exhaust system will perform better and, more importantly, won’t be a hazard to your kitchen and your team.

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Choose Qualified Technicians

Equipped with specialized tools, the Hydroserv team removes build-up from every nook and cranny of the exhaust hood. Your exhaust system will be handled by professionals who know how to remove the most common fire culprits, like oily deposits, fats, grease, soot, and more.

How Hydroserv Cleans Your Exhaust Hood

  • Protect Your Equipment. Before we clean your exhaust system, we cover other kitchen equipment.
  • Clean the Hood. Our technicians use specialized tools and solutions to clean the exhaust hood.
  • Clean the Ductwork. Our team also performs commercial kitchen ductwork and filter cleaning.
  • Shine the Kitchen Hood. Once the exhaust hood is cleaned, our team shines it up.
  • Clean the Site. Before we leave, we’ll remove the protective covering on other kitchen equipment and tidy up.

Work with Hydroserv

Standards and Codes-Compliant

Hydroserv complies with all relevant local, regional, and national standards, including the NFPA Standard-96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

Licensed and Insured

To protect our clients, Hydroserv is insured and licensed to clean exhaust hoods in restaurants, diners, and commercial kitchens across Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

State-of-the-Art Services

You’ll receive industry-standard techniques powered by state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, you’ll get 5-star customer service from a friendly and knowledgeable team.

Round-the-Clock Scheduling

Hydroserv provides round-the-clock scheduling and emergency availability, so you can have your exhaust system cleaned when you need it cleaned.

Four Steps to a Cleaner, Safer Exhaust System

Intake Questionnaire

Contact us so we can walk you through our service. You’ll complete an intake questionnaire for the commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning.

On-Site Inspection

Our team will inspect your exhaust system to determine what to do for the cleaning.

Quote and Recommendations

You’ll receive a quote, along with recommendations based on our inspections. With your green light, we’ll schedule the grease hood cleaning.

Job Completion

On cleaning day, our technicians will arrive early and finish the job on time.

Not Sure if Your Exhaust System is Due for Cleaning?

The frequency of cleaning depends on how heavy your exhaust hood use is.

  • For high-volume cooking operations (12-24 hours per day), have them cleaned quarterly.
  • For moderate-volume cooking operations (6-12 hours per day), have them cleaned monthly.
  • For low-volume operations (2-6 hours per day), have them cleaned yearly.

Safer Exhaust Systems Start with Hydroserv

Let the experts restore your exhaust hood to a safer and high-performance condition.

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