Protect your exhaust fan with Hydroserv’s exhaust hinge kit installation. With a hinge kit, you’ll make all parts of the exhaust systems more accessible to your team, enabling proper cleaning. Your team will also conduct more thorough inspections.

As your team cleans and inspects the system, the hinge kit will prevent damage to the wiring, fan housing, and roof. More importantly, it makes cleaning and inspection safer for your team. They don’t have to manually lift and carry the heavy exhaust fan; they only need to open the hinge.

Bring Your Exhaust System Up to Code

Hydroserv ensures you are compliant with the NFPA Standard-96, which requires a hinge kit for your exhaust fan. You will be confident that, because you follow the NFPA regulations, your kitchen’s ventilation system is safe and reliable.

A hinged exhaust fan makes a world of difference in safety and convenience. Contact us now so we can work on yours.

Work with Qualified Technicians

Choose professionals trained and qualified to install hinge kits in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Apart from these credentials, the Hydroserv team is experienced, having installed hinge kits in countless establishments.

Leave It to the Experts

Installing a hinge kit is never a DIYer’s job; there’s too much at stake. Parts of the fan and roof could be damaged. The hinge kit might not be installed properly. Your employee — inexperienced at installation — might be injured.

Instead of leaving it to one of your staff, call our professionals instead. You have the peace of mind that you’ll get a high-quality hinge kit and that the job will be executed well.

Work with Hydroserv

Standards and Codes-Compliant

Hydroserv follows all relevant local, regional, and national standards, including the NFPA Standard-96. You’ll receive services that are compliant with industry regulations.

Licensed and Insured

Leave the hinge kit installation to licensed and insured professionals. You’re confident that your exhaust systems will be handled by people who are trained, qualified, and have the right equipment.

Round-the-Clock Scheduling

If you want a hinge fan installed right away, Hydroserv is the team to call. Enjoy round-the-clock scheduling and emergency availability. Get commercial kitchen solutions when you need them.

State-of-the-Art Services

Hydroserv’s industry-standard techniques are powered by state-of-the-art, specialized equipment. Also, you’ll experience 5-star customer services from a knowledgeable and approachable team.

Four Steps to a Hinged Exhaust Fan

Intake Questionnaire

Get in touch with Hydroserv to learn more about our exhaust hinge fan installation. You’ll fill out an intake questionnaire, which will get us acquainted with your business.

On-Site Inspection

Qualified technicians will inspect your exhaust fan before the installation, so we can take note of any issues that may arise.

Quote and Recommendations

You’ll get an estimate, as well as recommendations based on our inspection. Once you approve, we’ll schedule the hinge kit installation.

Job Completion

On the day of the installation, our team will arrive on time and install the hinge kit properly.

Safer Exhaust Fans Start with Hydroserv

Let qualified technicians install your hinge kit so you can enjoy higher safety and more convenient cleaning.

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