Add years to the life of your Exhaust Fan

Enhance the effectives of your cleaning as well as the ability to inspect things thoroughly by installing a quality exhaust fan hinge kit. The team at Hydroserv can handle this installation quickly and reliably. Utilizing our years of experience, our installations will significantly increase the lifespan of your exhaust fans as well as your entire ventilation system.

Benefits include protection from damage which can be caused by leaks to roofs and surrounding areas. This usually occurs when either inspecting or when cleaning. These kits also protect from other instances of accidental damage to either the fan wires or internal fan components.

Comply with Codes

NFPA Standard-96 requires that the cables supplying electricity to kitchen exhaust fans are both flexible and resistant to environmental conditions that can cause damage. A hinge kit is also required. Complying with the NFPA standard ensures your kitchens ventilation system will be both safe and reliable, as well as easier to inspect and maintain as needed.

Qualified Professionals

The team at Hydroserv will provide top tier service, backed by years of experience. Rely on us to handle all of your exhaust fan hinge kit needs.